Merrick Imagery is a husband and wife team that focuses their photography around their passions. Enjoying and exploring the limitless genres.

Hi All! I am Crystal Merrick and began enjoying photography along side my husband during car shows, as well as the exposure to photographers we featured on our website 53deluxe. After seeing the gorgeous work being sent to us from all over the nation of cars, pin-ups, planes and nostalgia I began to see the world of photography in a whole new light. Through car shows and different events we were covering our work began to gain recognition from others in car culture and quickly our 53deluxe company began receiving requests and hits on our work daily! The rockabilly lifestyle has plenty to offer, full of interesting, unique, artistic people embracing an era.

Then we had our son, Mason. This is where I found my true passion for photography, it went from a hobby to an obsession! Well of course it does when you have the most amazing subject :) Here I find my new journey in life!

Merrick Imagery enters A New Chapter, Baby & Family Photography. Inspired by our Beautiful son, I now understand the true meaning of “The Miracle of Life.” Every moment of your child’s life is important and fascinating. I find every day with my son is better then the last. While trying at times, the reward is so absolutely wonderful that I do not want to miss a single second. I want to capture his expressive gummy grin while he discovers the world.

We hope to bring other family’s joy by capturing images to cherish for a lifetime. As a new mommy I struggled with the idea of leaving the house for anything ! It was a leap I was not ready to take in time for Mason to have his New Born picture taken. Some moms are excited and ready to leave the house to show off their new bundle of joy, but for those of you like me who are too overwhelmed, I come fully equipped to the comfort of your home to photograph your little Miracle.

Thank You for checking out Page One of our new chapter and we look forward to growing, learning and exploring in this new genre of photography and art.

-Crystal, Todd & Baby Mason Merrick